The team at John's Removals & Storage understand how stressful moving can be for you, your family and your business and we can help make the transition run more smoothly. We offer packing and unpacking services (along with moving boxes), storage and furniture transport to anywhere in Australia.

Moving House

Our company provides a complete range of services for moving house.
These include:
Dismantling and assembly of furniture where required.
Wrapping all lounges and mattresses in plastic, along with providing pads to stop bulk items of furniture shifting and getting damaged.
We can supply moving boxes, tape, paper and bubble wrap for you to wrap your homewares safely, or alternatively we can pack them for you. This will give you peace of mind that your homewares are packed safely by professionals.
Depending on how quickly you would like your move, we can supply more manpower and equipment.
We have utes for difficult to access areas, along with a range of small and large trucks each equipped with satellite navigation, so we can keep track of where your goods are at any time.


Our company are experts at packing and unpacking all of your furniture, office equipment, goods and homewares.
We can provide you with a quote for boxes, bubble wrap, paper and tape supplied if you would like to pack everything yourself, or else we are happy to supply the manpower required for the job.
When we are supplying full packing services we generally like to do this at least a day early, as it is often difficult to estimate how long the process will take. If you would like to undertake some of the packing yourself we also offer a semi-packing service.


Our business is fully insured for a range of things including public liability and carriers liability. While our staff are fully trained in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), we also have insurance for workers compensation, due to the heavy physical component of our staff's work.
While our staff and equipment are insured, this does not legally cover your furniture, white goods, office equipment, or homewares for any damage that occurs in either the transit or storage process. There are several companies that offer transit and storage insurance.
We have found both and are both able to provide comprehensive cover.

Office Transporting & Relocation

We can competently supply all of your office moving requirements including packing, transporting and storage of goods, to unpacking at the final destination.
This includes dismantling desks and storing these safely in transport storage units or boxes (apart from the fridge which is padded to stop movement).
Being in business we understand that time is money, so we can offer you an express moving service to get you relocated faster.


John's Removals offer 20ft storage containers for portable, affordable storage of your goods.
Our storage containers are sealed in transit and during storage for protection against the elements and to also keep your furniture, office equipment, white goods and homewares safe from intruders.
By opting for container storage this is generally a cheaper option than self-storage, which saves you money in the moving process.

Pay by the Hour

Our pay by the hour service is fast and efficient. We supply two men and a truck (extra manpower and equipment can be organised on request), to handle everything from packing, transporting and unpacking of your furniture, white goods and home wares.


Backloading is a process that John's Removals & Storage offer to maximise profit; which refers to offering a return shared service from a run at an inexpensive price.
The benefits of having your goods transported by backloading:
You will only pay for the space you use, rather than the whole truck.
Backloading reduces your carbon footprint, as you are transporting your goods in a truck that would have returned empty. You are also sharing space, which alleviates several different trips being made for separate clients.
Moving trucks are also available on short notice for backloading.
What must be taken into consideration when choosing backloading, is that you will be sharing your space with others. If this is a concern for you, we would suggest choosing a full service move instead.